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Are you looking for off-lease multipurpose copier machines, printers and toner cartridges for lease or purchase? If Yes is the call, you can be certain of the exceptional condition, reliable machines with durable components that are expected to last. All copier machines, toners and printers are rigorously examined before being added to the inventory and are backed by guarantees.

Buy Used copiers, Printers And Toners in AU

If you are looking for a copier dealer to buy your used copier, printers, and toners to supplement your product line, you should browse WiseCopiers services online. WiseCopiers are professionals with more than two decades of experience in buying used copiers, Printers and toners in AU and exporting them from the USA, Australia and several other countries. The service has shipped more than 100 containers and has a progressive client base of 30 plus clients worldwide.

Cash for Photocopiers, Printers & Toner Cartridges

If you have used copiers, toners, and printers in stock that you intend to sell for quick cash, you must contact our customer support representatives to get a free valuation of used machines. Whether you are selling or buying, you can get the best prices in the market. Furthermore, the service offers free pickups within 48 hours from anywhere in Australia.

Each copier, printer, toner cartridge that arrives at WiseCopiers is examined for quality checks by the onsite technicians. A detailed inspection report explains the condition of the copier, printer that you will be purchasing including the meter readings, unit condition, and accessories installed on the machine.


When it comes to Imports, WiseCopiers, undoubtedly, is the best choice of all. The service offers 20ft, as well as, 40ft containers with an exception if you are looking for genuine toner cartridges, you can have 1 or even more pallets available.

Photocopiers/Printers and Toner Cartridges/Drums

WiseCopiers buys leading brands like Ricoh, Toshiba, Fuji Xerox, and Konica Minolta. The service can buy the oldest of the old and even the latest printing units. You can sell new, genuine and sealed toner cartridges and drums. We accept HP, Canon, Toshiba, Fuji Xerox, Ricoh, and Konica Minolta. You can sell them 1 or in 100s and pay instant cash with free pickups!